Writing Prompt Wednesday

This week's writing prompt:
This week we are doing a picture prompt!

Story from last week's prompt:

He woke up, trying to rub the sleep from his eyes. They felt crusty. He looked about him confused and at the clock. It read half past ten. His mother never let him sleep in, always on him about being productive and getting a job. It was a daily ritual and she wouldn't miss it. "Mom," he said, more than a little worried but also being quite lazy.
After a few minutes of calling out and not getting an answer, he finally decided to get out of bed. He looked about the house but it was eerily quiet. He never realized all the noises used to run about his household, all the little things that told him it was home. It didn't feel like home right now. It was strange and alien and he didn't like it.
He had checked the common areas of the house: kitchen, dining room, and living room. He went to his parent's room and found his mother and father still sleeping. He flipped the light on and went to wake his mom. Yet, no matter how vigorously he tried, his mom remained asleep. He began crying without realizing that was what he was doing. He even tried his father but to a lesser degree, he was more of an absentee dad. Always at work.
Out the window, he caught of glimpse of his neighbor, Mr Turley, asleep on his porch. His sister, asleep in her room. He spent most of the morning confirming that everyone he knew and was in the immediate area was asleep. In desperation, he got on his computer. He finally found a post, the only one that had been posted today, all other posts being posted last night or prior, that was entitled "Anyone else awake?" There were three comments:
massiveassonline: I'm awake. I'm not going to lie, this is all freaking me out.
patientzero: I know, this is seriously screwed up!
massiveassonline: I'm in Dorsey, where are you?
It ended there. He was excited though, he lived in Dorsey. Something kept him from posting though.He didn't know what to do though. Then he saw the someone is typing notification appear at the bottom of the post. He held his breath as he waited to see what was said next.
patientzero: We know you are awake, Dave! Tell us where you are fucking at!
His breath exploded from his lungs. How did they even know he was here? Dave had a feeling there was something important that he wasn't remembering, something that he needed to remember.
massiveassonline: Don't go to sleep, Dave! Come play with us!
Dave stared at the screen. He knew these two were bad news but why couldn't he remember more? He was brushing something big, something that seemed balanced on the precipice of his mental cliff. Why couldn't he remember?
patientzero: You look so confused Dave. Just remember, you're our bitch!
Something about that statement rang true and false at the same time. He wasn't their bitch... but he had been?
massiveassonline: Why are you playing around? Nobody wants to die, Dave!
Nobody wants to die? It hit Dave like a semi-truck. Yes, they did. He wanted to die. All because of these two.
patientzero: No! Not because of us, it is because you all are fucking squares!
massiveassonline: Exactly!
Dave remembered. He was a piece of a fractured whole. David Wallace. Personality fractured beyond repair, he had lived, maybe not a perfect life, but a decent one. He and his tribe had lived peacefully. Never bothered anyone. Until these two. Dave's hands flew across the keyboard.
Davethecenter: You aren't getting away with what you have done. The tribe is willing to die to see that you are stopped. I'm the last of them. I'm going to sleep.
"Noooooooooooooooo!" said Dave Wallace, looking about him maniacally. He was restrained, the straps cuttting into his legs, neck, and wrists. "You don't understand, I'm crazy!"
He couldn't bring any of the tribe forward to talk for him. They were all asleep. Those bastards were going to let them die. Only Madelaine was still awake.
patientzero: Guess this is it, baby!
massiveassonline: Love you, baby!
"David Wallace, the State of Virginia has found you guilty of the death of thirteen young woman, ranging in ages from eleven to twenty-five. As such, the sentence of death has been given..."