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Talespinning Tuesday: Shard, Chapter four

Frozen by indecision, fears burrow deep, conceal, no admission, alone, I weep, where is my white knight, to slay the dragon I face? When will my courage come to light, to save me from this gelid place?

Elsa bent and picked up the crane. She was surprised to find that the words were written underneath the folds. In moments, she had transmuted the crane into its original sheet form. Printed on the plain in simple script was one word: HOPE. Elsa stared at the paper, her bewilderment almost a palpable force within the room. She began to search the room with her eyes, trying to find some context with which the message might make sense. Her eyes roamed like eagles searching for prey, until they settled upon the unlocked door. Was this the little girl’s message? She thought, Hope resides on the other side? Though she would not move any closer, she examined the door. It was solidly built but rather looked rather mundane as it stood sentry to the doorway. “You are a very ordinary, without anything that …

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