About Me

Best thing outta Kansas,
what my girlfriend says!

Well that is a very good question with a simple answer! My name is Greg! Oh? I need to go more in depth you say? Really, you want to know more? Well, I was born in Subic Bay, Phillipines in 1976. It was hot April day (big surprise right, hot in the Phillipines!) Oh, I thought you wanted to know more! Fine. I'm a writer, blogger, lover of life (and a certain sexy miss), and in general a human being.


OMG, I'm so glad you asked, I didn't know how I was going to segue into this. I write almost anything Fiction. Seriously, I've dipped my toe into almost everything. (Some of those pools were really murky!) Even poetry! But honestly, what I'm doing now is producing quality content that people will hopefully enjoy.

Now, here is the crux of... well everything. Why am I here? I'm here to hopefully impress you enough to support my work. I've got some work published, hopefully more when you are reading this. I produce story content at least twice a week. Poems at least once. Everyday, you get content... except for Sunday. Well, maybe Sunday sometimes. But definitely not... oh, damn there is no other day off! Well, if this starts paying me and I'll start improving things! Add content! Youtube channel, RSS feed, etc.


  1. Great blog, excellenct writer. I read everything Greg pens and am never disappointed!

  2. Fantastic blog! Love the easy maneuvering and being able to search for specific stories by keywords. And of course I love your stories! That goes without saying; they make me smile and my eyes burn with tears every time! <3


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