FREE STORY FRIDAY: First Impression

“You have two minutes: be interesting,” she says, as she slides easily into the chair across from me. She wears sleek leather, the kind that dangerous girls wore, and has a tattoo of a phoenix rising across her cheek and over her right eye. If I had ever been in a fraternity, I would think this girl was bangin'!
I lean back in my seat, unbuttoning my suit jacket and take my drink in hand. Tullamore Dew, neat. I take a sip and give her an enigmatic smile over the glass. She has an impatient expression painted on so I nod towards a stairwell and extend a hand. She takes it and we're off!
We hit the roof at a dead run and I don't stop. One burst of power and I clear the lip then tuck and roll onto the next rooftop. She's right behind me. As I get to the other side, I leap but twist in mid-air to catch the nylon line. About halfway down the building the line catches and momentum swings me into the building. I rappel down the rest of the way right into the driver seat of a black and white Corvette Stingray. I glance up to get a tantalizing glimpse beneath the leather skirt as the woman lands in the passenger seat next to me. Commando, unsurprisingly. Lady like this wouldn't want to be fettered.
“Yours?” she asks, glossy red lipstick glistening seductively in the parking lot lights.
“What? Oh, no,” I say as I reached under the steering wheel and hot wire the car to life.
I have the car almost to 60 when we leave the parking lot. We hit the street and the car slides a hair's breadth from oncoming traffic. She looks over at me and I could see it: grand theft auto and hi speeds were definite turn-ons. She straddles my lap and begins to lay siege to my mouth with a vengeance. When she goes for air, I make a riposting nuzzle to where her neck and shoulder meet. All smooth, alabaster skin. I try to keep one eye on the road. I'm about to press my advantage and move forward with my assault towards the valley of her breasts that lie exposed because of her low cut dress when a shot ricochets off the side of the car.
“Damn!” I mutter. I thought I had more time before Big Tony noticed his car missing. I didn't really care that he noticed, in fact he was supposed to notice. The fat bastard could go fuck himself, he seemed to think that he didn't need to pay me. His timing was just this side of awful.
I reach for my gun in my shoulder harness but found it gone. It was missing. I hear the sharp report of the gun as she fires at Big Tony's goons behind us. I smile, this was one fearsome chick. I swerve in and out of traffic, trying not to give them a clean shot. She just keeps unloading the piece.
A car snakes out of an alleyway in front of us, not paying attention. I clip them on my back-end. Time slows as our velocity drives us up and over the offending vehicle into a twisting spin. She looks down at me and I up at her. Or maybe it's vice versa, we're spinning. She smiles then dives in for a kiss.
Full circle. Back at the club, my Tullamore Dew scant inches from my face. She looks at me expectantly, biting her glossy red lips in a most intoxicating manner. I give her smile that turns out more rueful than enigmatic. I put my drink down and get up. I button my suit jacket and smooth the wrinkles from it.

As I walk past her, I whisper, “To be continued.”