Name: Tommy Twilight
Occupation: Private detective
Age: 2000(?)
Sex: Male (Or often if Tommy was to answer)
Race: Half-Fae
Birthplace: Ireland
Residence: Olathe, Ks, USA
About detective work: I became a detective because I loved the forties. It was all great from the suits to some of the best gams you could lay your peepers on!
What did you do to make Cossette so angry with you: I screwed up. I mean, Tommy 50 years ago didn't have the enlightened view of woman that Tommy today has...
You don't seem very enlightened: Oh, everyone is a critic! I will have you know, for someone who was raised in Ireland in the early 100's, I'm positively a feminist.
Really: Compared to my father and his goon squad, yeah!
Who is your father: Oh, no, that is something I don't talk about...
Why not: Some things you just got to keep private.
How about we end with any chance of you and Cossette getting back together: I think I've played with fire enough for one lifetime. I'm me, I'd screw that up and I can't see her forgiving me a second time.

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