Hello, my name is...

...Slim Shady. Not really. My name is Greg and I'm a...


What does that mean? Well, to the public at large, not much. For me? It means working towards a dream with very little reward or hope. It is countless hours spent hunched over a keyboard hoping that someone appreciates the effort I put in. It is more than wanting to be successful, though that is part of it. Each idea and story is a child of my mind. And like any parent, I want my children to be appreciated. That means they need readers, people that are willing to take that journey.

People willing to find the treasure!

Anyways, that's me. Just another struggling artist. If you stuck it out this long, maybe you'd like some booty. Look to the side of the main blog page. One of the links is to a free story of mine called Soldier On. Give it a click and a review.