Self Promotion Saturday

     Okay, just a quick run down of the things I've been doing. I've done a couple of short stories that I have submitted to be included in the anthology, Heart of a Child. Fingers crossed. I think they are good works. I have bumped back the third of "Shadow Man's Acomin'" release until I have it fully read. But it should be soon. Started another blog. Vale's End Gazette. I think it will be something. It is a community blog that will feature other writers and myself. We will be part of a fictional town called Vale's End where weird stuff happens all the time. Cross between HP Lovecraft and Douglass Adams. Hoping to get that off the ground. Need to motivate. I will also possibly have some short stories in some other anthologies, we will see. And still working on my current story, Crucible. Hoping to get more time with that real soon.