Calling for submissions!

     Are you creative but haven't been able to express it! Well, don't just stand there, submit something! I'm accepting submissions of your writing! Poetry, short works of fiction, and artwork! Also, we
have weekly prompts for poetry(Sunday) and writing(Wednesday)! Let people see your work! Don't be afraid. Contributor will be put on a page with social media contact information so that fans will know where to look for you!

     Send any submissions you have to: Put what you are submitting and what date you are submitting for. For example, Writing prompt 07/12, so that I know where to put it. Original works without prompts, just put the type it is. I will contact with information that I will need to add to your page.

     Now you ask, why should I submit? Well, by making submissions to a blog such as this, you are benefited by its online traffic. People that wouldn't normally have a chance to be exposed to your work will be able to see it. So submit!