MONDAY MUSE - Three beautiful pieces

My friend Jenn Snow that I featured in my Thursday Spotlight last week has been generous enough to supply us with three poems to share with all of you! 

Can it Be?

Can the ocean swallow itself
Or sink beneath its floor
Can the stars fall down upon us
Or wash up on the shore
Can the galaxy take a breath
Or realize it exists at all
Can the clouds recite a poem
Or hear the full moon's call
Can the wind dance in colors
Or embrace a grassy hill
Can the sun rotate around itself
Or blister winter's chill
Can the rain fall up to heaven
Or compose lyrics for a song
Can time decide to not exist
And prove that we're all wrong.


Thunder shatters the lined pink sky
The creaking of the floorboards,
when there is nowhere to hide,
makes me feel small and fragile,
like a frightened child
I slide beneath the bed
Thump Thump Thump –
A trembling inside my head
A putrid smell of decaying flesh and bone
and bloody slime beneath my touch
But this place has always been my home
The door I hammered long ago,
Sealed it forever when winter came
The light stays dim so I never know
the creature I am hiding from
carries my shattered heart and name


Crouching and crawling
Through thorn encrusted branches
Enclosed in a sprawling thicket
The sun beams cut into the tangles
Alighting our faces and piercing our eyes
On our hands and knees we shuffle
Along the secret path that we had cut
Across the sandy floor

We could hear the ocean's breath
Cascading over the brush
And everything around us
Fell into a hush
Until we breached the winding path
Just above the sea

Before us was the grandest structure
Cardboard walls that were brightly painted
With symbols to protect all that entered,
And a makeshift lock that only operated
When the voice of children
Floated through the air

This was our favorite place
A safety net for our broken minds
A place where we need confide
Nothing of our life
A place where we would go
To escape the horrors of our home
And dance with butterflies
And sing along with the swirling breeze
Where our monsters couldn't find us
And where none that harmed could see
That we were still completely free