Self Promotion Saturday

     So, I've had an overwhelmingly positive response from my beta readers of the First/Last Kiss, so I think I will be releasing that on Amazon for the low low price of .99! Anyone interested should watch for this in the coming weeks!!! I'll certainly have something out about it.

     William was, too put it bluntly, boring. He lived a routine life: Eats the same things everyday, goes to the same places, has worked at the same laboratory for the last 10 years. He likes things that way. When he gets a simple note, unmistakably written in his own handwriting, that says: Murals on 54. Thursday at 3pm. We do not remember days. We remember moments. Seize this moment. He doesn't know what to do.
      When he answers the call, he meets a woman, Virginia Water, that has an interesting tale to tell him. Little does he know that this will lead him to a love story that will break even the boundaries of time and space.

     Sound good? Maybe you should give me a shot!