Self Promotion Saturday

     Well, it is time of an update, huh? Well... what have I done this week? Hmmmm.... I've started

working on the fourth work of my anthology. I call it "The Note". Here is an excerpt:

He stood in front of the new class and looked out into the sea of impressionable, young faces. On the surface, he was calm and ready. Underneath, he was a roiling, boiling storm of dread and anxiety. It was the same every time. He took a deep breath and began, "This," he held up a worn piece of paper, crinkled and dog-eared, "is the first thing I ever wrote. This showed me a new perspective, how to see life outside of my own head. These pages," he shook them at the class, "I poured my heart into for weeks. Writing them saved my life. This is my suicide note..."

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