Poetry Challenge #4: Terza rima

The literal translation of terza rima from Italian is 'third rhyme'. Terza rima is a three-line stanza using chain rhyme in the pattern A-B-A, B-C-B, C-D-C, D-E-D. There is no limit to the number of lines, but poems or sections of poems written in terza rima end with either a single line or couplet. The two possible endings for the example above are d-e-d, e or d-e-d, e-e. There is no set meter for terza rima, but in English iambic pentameter is generally preferred.

Outside of you

I tried to recall you, my one true love,
hoping perspective was given by the years,
yet love's eye knows only to gaze from above.

When you walked away, I bled tears,

lost and hurt, emotionally bereft,
in my sleeping eye, your dreams never clears.

Harsh truth told, I committed base theft,

I stole your identity, never seen true,
my sin, unsight, you saved me when you left.

Time passed; I knew not what to do,

then I glimpsed my life outside of you.

Before I'm Lost

I find myself awash in purple light,
nostrils full, alien smells bend senses,
and three moons above recognize my plight.

First I slept, my world contained by fences,
my lids had drooped under familiar sky,
universal multitude my eye condenses.

But now my mind, the world sees fit to defy,
one reality I thought I could depend,
all I'm left is a broken, woken lie.

I close eye, hope that deceit unrend,
before I'm lost as fear portend.