Sunday poetry prompt: Jen Snow

Venom slowly dripping
smoky breath concealing
a memory once hidden
inside horrid, dreadful cries,
tragic tales were written
in my blood revealing
my sorrow unfolding—
beneath heavy, weeping skies
coaxed me from her back
before the sun rises
Tears across my face,
obscuring, blurring demons
as they relentlessly arise
As a trace of memory
existence of another
I cannot recognize
as I stand gazing in her eyes
the liquid tremors cement,
into jagged shards of ice
I turn away
ashamed, weak, cowardly
Razor talons slash savagely
through my deeply etched disguise
yet she strokes my cheek tenderly
"From me you cannot hide"
the illusion of my dragon
held strong within my mind
Distressed, desperate, I reach for her
she vanishes as if a shadow
before my mournful eyes
my sorrow unfolding—
beneath heavy, weeping skies

Eagerly clinging
to the remnants of the dragon
I am given her heart, still beating
I hold it close as it melts into mine
I gasp, astounded, saddened
quivering heart, profound, unblackened
The final tale to be written
in the blood of my dragon
my sorrow unfolding—
beneath heavy, weeping skies

I awaken and am shaken
until I realize
she was simply

… I